The Way It All Started: Standing at the Beginning

No matter how many pay for essay writings and free academic essays about Jean Paul Gaultier ( are written, there will never be enough. One of the most influential people in the modern fashion design, he has become more than a complete pro – he has become an example for the rest to follow. A guru, he can now share his wisdom with the rest of the world. Which he has actually been doing all his life long…

Look at your jeans. Do they look inspiring? Gaultier devoted his entire first fashion collection to jeans , showing the world how little they knew about this wonderful piece of clothing. Such unusual decision made him get better acquainted with Levi Strauss and the wonderful world of opportunity which such beginning opened. The casual style which was fully presented in the collection made the couturier world-famous. Meanwhile, cooperating with Levi Strauss, Gaultier felt that he could create something that would instantly hit the bull’s eye and win people’s affection. Levi Strauss gave Gaultier the wings and helped to fly high.

Some critics claimed that Gaultier could hardly invent something new, and were rather skeptical about the collection and its results. However, Gaultier left the critics way behind, suggesting extremely unusual and at the same time practical design of jeans . The striking red-and-blue color cast and the peculiar design made jeans popular at once, and people started talking about the brilliant young fashion designer. Good start, Gaultier!